Interesting papers, resources, etc. (Mostly math-related.)

  1. Quiver: a modern commutative diagram editor.
  2. Gödel diffeomorphisms: the tasks of proving certain statements (e.g. the Riemann hypothesis, consistency of ZFC) turn out to be equivalent to proving certain diffeomorphisms of the torus are isomorphic to their inverses.
  3. Grothendieck-Serre correspondences: a collection of correspondences between Alexander Grothendieck and Jean-Pierre Serre.
  4. A visualization of the Hopf fibration by Niles Johnson.
  5. Tohoku, an enjoyably-technical, if not somewhat sensational, article about Grothendieck’s landmark Tohoku paper.
  6. Lose your fear of tensor products.

Biographies and obituaries, which I enjoy reading and think are mathematically valuable.

  1. Daniel Quillen’s memorial in Notices.
  2. Life and work of Friedrich Hirzebruch.
  3. Mikhail Postnikov’s life, work, and legacy. Kind of hard to find.