Interesting papers, resources, etc. (math-related):

  1. Quiver: a modern commutative diagram editor.
  2. Grothendieck-Serre correspondences: a collection of correspondences between Alexander Grothendieck and Jean-Pierre Serre.
  3. A visualization of the Hopf fibration, Niles Johnson.
  4. Tohoku by Rick Jardine. An article about Grothendieck’s Tohoku paper.
  5. Lose your fear of tensor products.

Some other academic pages/blogs:

  1. Jesper Grodal.
  2. Maxime Ramzi.
  3. Tom Leinster.
  4. Bjørn Ian Dundas.
  5. Rok Gregoric.

Some papers:

  1. The Yoneda embedding is natural, Maxime Ramzi (2022).
  2. Definability, interpretations and étale fundamental groups, Romin Abdolahzadi and Boris Zilber (2020).
  3. Codensity and the ultrafilter monad, Tom Leinster (2013).
  4. Gödel diffeomorphisms, Matthew Foreman (2020). A self-diffeomorphism of the torus need not be “measure-theoretically isomorphic” to its inverse (defined on page 4). This paper explains how certain statements (e.g. the Riemann hyothesis, Goldbach’s conjecture) are equivalent to certain self-diffeomorphisms of the torus being isomorphic to their inverses(!)

Biographical writing:

  1. Daniel Quillen’s memorial in Notices.
  2. Life and work of Friedrich Hirzebruch.
  3. Mikhail Postnikov’s life, work, and legacy. Kind of hard to find.
  4. F. William Lawvere.
  5. 50 Years of Masaki Kashiwara.