Things here may not be completed. If you have anything at all to say about them, please email me.


  1. Introduction to de Rham cohomology. Notes on de Rham cohomology from 2021.
  2. The derived functor approach to sheaf cohomology. My paper for the University of Chicago REU, 2021. Last updated 9/29/2021.
  3. Course notes for 514, Complex Algebraic Geometry. Notes for Math 514. Incomplete because I had Covid for 10 weeks. These will probably only be helpful to classmates and for future writing.
  4. The Adams conjecture and the K-theory of finite fields. With Zhong Zhang. Our paper for the University of Chicago REU, 2022. Last updated 3/10/2023.

Upon request

  1. Sheaf cohomology notes – I gave a 7-week seminar on sheaves and sheaf cohomology for the 2022 Chicago REU. Others gave special talks toward the end too. Partial and unsatisfactory notes for these lectures exist.